BOHO Magazine Named "Best New Launch"

Aveda(tm) Awards BOHO Magazine the 2009 Environmental Award for Magazines for Best New Launch!

Global sustainability leader Aveda(tm) and non-profit organization Green America have awarded BOHO Magazine the prestigious 2009 ‘Aveda Environmental Award for Magazines’ in the New Launch category. After just one year in operation, it is truly a great honor to have BOHO Magazine recognized by the leader in corporate environmental continuity.

This award recognizes the achievement of magazines committed to environmental leadership in an industry where tragically, less than 2 percent of all magazine paper contains any recycled content.

Collectively, Boho and the two other category winners, have saved 64,794 trees, conserved 20,60 BTU’s of energy, saved 5,653,166 pounds in greenhouse gases, conserved 30,068,235 of wastewater, and 1,455,240 pounds of solid waste.

Since our launch in 2008, BOHO Magazine has been committed to promoting eco-conscious products and practices, and using complementary eco-minded packaging. BOHO has ushered a new era for fashion magazines by delivering high fashion and beauty tips while also significantly reducing our impact on the environment. While similar high gloss magazines would require 296 tons of virgin wood from the forest, BOHO magazine prides itself on the fact that we use none.

Thank you very much Aveda and Green America. It is our distinguished honor to accept this award.


  1. yay congrats Boho! that is a lovely award for such a lovely and inspiring mag. lots of love to you this holiday season!
    peace, love & cheer!

  2. Congrats BOHO! Just got the latest issue.