Boho Loves greenshanti!

Offering green products for special occasions from around the world that blend artistic craftsmanship with eco-friendly design, greenshanti is truly an emerald within the sustainably green world! Boho just featured greenshanti within our December Winter edition and is excited about all the eco-savvy wrapping products they offer!

Made from recycled natural fiber, raw materials, and organic dyes, these colorful paper products send a message that resonates. The idea for greenshanti evolved from personal passion for travel and design. greenshanti came across communities of artisans of less than ordinary means creating things of extraordinary beauty.

Visit today to learn more about environmentally friendly gifts, baby clothing & toys, stationary & travel accessories!

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  1. I agree, those really are some beautiful patterns. I am always looking for new vendors that sell useful and appealing eco-friendly products and greenshanti is no exception.

    Also, if you haven't visited yet, they have a great online store and they sell a whole line of Green and Sustainable products at really affordable prices. The site also has Alot of information on Current Green trends and issues and has proven itself a viable resource in helping me figure out what I can do to lessen my impact on the Earth. Hope this helps!