Have a Serene Green Holiday

A real tree or not a real tree? Want to continue Holiday traditions while being faithful to your “Green” heart? There are lots of wonderful ways to decorate sustainably this holiday season. Because TIME is something we never seem to have enough of, and always want more of, lets celebrate the season cherishing this moment in time with our decor, gift wrap and more time honored details.
Gift Giving - One of Gina’s favorite things are vintage letterpress numbers that can create your own eco-friendly wrapping paper. Using recycled craft or roll paper, and soy inks (for the letterpress), you can recreate a pattern of numbers with these special vintage letter pressed numbers. In addition, she likes the mixing of handmade recycled paper from GreenShanti.com which is designed and made by hand from a small group of women over in Nepal. It's another way to support women owned businesses around the world.

Timeless Tagging- The traditional tale of Alice in Wonderland is all about Time. Gina has found lovely handmade gift tags made from original repurposed Alice in Wonderland storybook from the early 1900's. Hand pressed with numbers and illustrations of clocks, the rabbit and more, these are perfect to adorn any time cherished gift box.

Tree Topping- There is still no right or wrong way to be eco about a Christmas tree. But the two choices should either be using a faux Vintage tree that has been passed down from generations, or if you love the fresh smell of tree and that is a must for your home for the holidays-choose a tree with a root ball, so that it can be planted in your yard after Christmas is over. This also creates a new time honored tradition for your family, and you will have the trees for generations.

Stocking Stuffing - No Holiday would be complete without stockings and mantle decorations. Create your own recycled stockings with the use of recycled paper, handmade number stickers, and vintage silk ribbons. You can also add vintage beads, or tiny brooches to complete the piece. In addition, you can decorate the mantle with recycled metal numbers from Gage, which can be designed in a variety of fonts and sizes. And no hearth would be complete without candles....decorate with only soy candles infused with pure oils to give the house a natural non toxic scent. Labeled with the vintage numbers, they complete the look.

To see more of our Eco-Holiday suggestions pick up the 2009 Holiday Boho issue!

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  1. It is not very realistic to keep planting conifers in your garden every year. Local tree farms are a good choice, and chip the tree after use to make mulch. Where I live, the volunteer firefighters do a weekend of tree chipping for donations. They always raise money to fight Muscular Dystrophy.