World Changing Chick Challenge

“Be the Change You Wish to See in the World.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Boho magazine has a brand new challenge for all of the eco-friendly fashionistas out there. We challenge you to make a change in the world and become a World Changing Chick. Boho has highlighted World Changing Chicks, big and small, for their efforts to help change their little piece of the world for the better over the past year. Now we want to know what you have been up to. Pick up a copy of the fall issue of Boho to read more about World Changing Chick Challenge. You could be in the next issue as a World Changing Chick! Let us know what you have been up to to make your piece of the world a better place!


  1. I consider myself a world changer. I am a full-time portrait and wedding photographer in the Washington DC area. I dedicate a large amount of my time to freelance photojournalism for non-profit groups around the world.

    I spent February in Northern Thailand with a friend, doing a story on a mission called House of Grace, which started in 1987 doing prostitute rescue, and now works on the preventative side, taking girls who are in high-risk situations. My friend & I documented that mission with pictures and in words, and we are working on a book that will be published by the parent-organization here in the States, with all the profits going straight to House of Grace.

    I spent three weeks this summer in Mombasa, Kenya, covering a school that needs financial help. There are 370-ish children in attendance— 150 of them attend for free, and 38 board at the school, also for free. The school is dedicated to raising children to be leaders, to value people, and to excel in education— especially those children that come from impoverished families. A friend of mine is starting a non-profit to support the school, and I went along to do coverage and take portraits of the highest-need students, in hopes of gaining sponsorhips for them.

    I'm travling to Italy next month to work with several non-profits there.

    All of these trips are at my own expense, which is why I do portraits and weddings here in the States to cover them. I'm dirt poor (in the most literal sense), and I still live with my family because I can't make ends meet on my own. But I believe that I am here for a purpose, and I want to fulfill that as best as I can. I would rather be poor and spend my life investing in people, than to have a well-paying job and live for myself. and for that reason, I totally consider myself a world changer.

  2. Wow Sarah, that is truly amazing. You are someone that inspires me to do more. We are similar in some ways too. I am an aspiring photograher. We also live with family. I wish I was able to do all that you are doing. Right now I help out the elderly. My son and I also collect things for the local children's shelter. We also do our part to make our world a better place picking up litter, recycling, conserving. I consider myself a world changer in training. I am always looking out for ways to better change myself, my family , and my world. Right now I am obsessed with making our Christmas a green christmas. Anyways thanks boho for making a great mag and thank you Sarah for inspiring me even more. Rebecca Everett