"Tweet it Forward"
BOHO magazine, everyone’s favorite new green fashion magazine, is celebrating its one-year anniversary with the launch of its "Tweet it Forward" World Changing Chick Challenge. Created to kick-start BOHO’s mission to change the world, one simple act at a time, BOHO is inspiring people everywhere to begin to “Tweet it Forward”, and start tweeting a good deed of the day on BOHO’S Twitter page. “We wanted to take the Twitter and Facebook platforms and create a revolution that gets people tweeting and posting to challenge each other to do good things for others." Whether it’s dropping an extra quarter in a stranger’s parking meter to help them avoid getting a ticket, or baking cupcakes to welcome a new neighbor into the community, the key is all about spreading love to others in small, and virtuously costless ways,” says BOHO’s Founder and Editor-In-Chief, Gina LaMorte Every month on the BOHO blog, BOHO will acknowledge a World Changing Chick that had a motivating, revolutionary idea.

Participants will have a chance to even become featured on the pages of an upcoming issue of BOHO magazine. Visit the Boho blog, post on Facebook or @Bohomag on Twitter and let us know what your doing right now!