Cara Linn Cakes

Over the years, I have come to learn that not all sweets are created equal. Sugar is fine, but honestly, a desert is not worth sticking a fork into unless it meets certain criteria: (1) It must be fresh (2) It must be made with real, natural ingredients, and (3) it must be beautiful!
Our very own editor-in-chief Gina LaMorte just introduced me to a cake shop that meets- and exceeds my criteria. Cara Linn Cakes are fresh, sweetened only with organic cane sugar, and GEORGEOUS! They even offer vegan and raw food options, which is no small feat!
Lucky for you, they're discounting cakes through June 25th! Even the wedding cakes are 40% off. Is it strange that I want to grab a random (but good-looking, mind you) man off the street and marry him so I can get one?
If you are anywhere near Brooklyn, NY, you've got to check them out. If you're too far away, you can always just check out their blog to see the pretty pictures!
Oh, and if you'll be swinging by San Francisco at any point, bring me one of their cupcakes! I simply must try one!!!

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