Summer Reading

[photo by kennymatic]

Oh, it is ON, kids. I personally challenge you to a summer read-off. Whoever reads the most pages by September 1st wins mad street cred. Are you up to it, punk?
Seriously though- it's just about summertime! We, as decent human beings, are morally obligated to engage in the time-honored tradition of summertime reading. What a crime it would be if we neglected to read in the sun with a cool beverage at our sides. So come on, join me and read read READ!!
If you're already finished with the latest Boho issue, do not fret. There are TONS of new places to turn that are both easy on the planet and your pocketbook. You can read lots of books online via Google Books, and if you enjoy manga, utilize OneManga for frequently updated scanlations. If you prefer to hold the books you're reading, you can use one of the many online sharing services and groups out there, such as Swaptree, Bookins, BookMooch, PaperBackSwap, and Freecycle (they swap tons of other stuff too). You can even have fun with sites such a BookCrossing, which lets you tag and track books you give away. There are also rental serives such as America's BookShelf, Bookswim, and Booksfree, just in case you can't get what you need for free.
Now that you have access to more books than you know what to do with, let's turn to keeping track of them. I'm particular partial to Goodreads myself- it allows you to create various lists of books you want to read, are reading, and have read, and you can categorize, rate, review, and share them, as well as peek at what your friends are reading. It's awesome!
So are there any takers? Friend me on Goodreads, and let's read ourselves silly!


  1. The online library "Internet Archive" at is also a great place to read books online! They have films too.
    ~Rebecca the Librarian

  2. Hey! That's awesome!! Thanks so much for sharing the link!

  3. I love using! My husband and both take turns wrapping and shipping them out and we love "shopping" for new books...
    It's like giving each other little gifts just CUZ.

  4. Wow! That's such a brilliant idea! Little gifts are way fun. I"ll have to check out!