Couch Independence Day

[Photo by Mike Smail on Flikr]

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time for resistance. We are slaves, I tell you. SLAVES!!! Or... at least I am. To my couch.

More often than I'd like to admit, I have squandered nights on my couch, curled daintily around my laptop as the beautiful stars pass overhead unnoticed and the sweet summer breeze caresses nothing but the rounded backsides of my Raccoon Comrades as they attempt to break in through my cat door.

But this must stop! Summer is too beautiful, too fleeting to ignore! It's July 1st- already independence day for Burundi and Rwanda, and our beloved July 4th is just days away. It's all quite inspiring. So I'm going to declare some independence myself.
Independence from my couch. I vow to get off that thing and...

1. Ride my bike through tree lined streets wearing adorable sundresses
2. Go for moonlit walks with a romantic look on my face
3. Read charming novels in the park
4. Have at least one full-out picnic (blanket and everything!)
5. Make peace with the Raccoon Comrades

Now, what about you? Are you chasing after your dreams? Because if you're feeling anchored to a couch, maybe you ought to declare your independence too. I guarantee it's worth it. My door is open, my flip-flops are on, and already I can smell adventure on the wind!

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  1. i'm always ready for an adventure.. yay for freedom, sunshine and bike rides (oh and the ocean for me). love.