Time to Celebrate Earth Day!

It's always hip to be green, but if there's one day of the year to really flaunt your inner environmentalist, it's Earth Day. Lucky for us, the lovely holiday is coming up fast- this Wednesday to be exact. Don't let that stop you from celebrating early though! This weekend, there will be plenty of events to launch the festivities.
Take the Green Apple Music Festival for example. In partnership with Earth Day Network , they're hosting massive celebrations in New York, Boston, Washington DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Austin, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle this Sunday! Below is a picture I took from the stage of last year's SF festival. What a crowd!

Green Apple Festivals are always lots of fun and offer crazy good musical artists, like the Flaming Lips! Check out their site to see who see is playing in your city!
Clearly, Earth Day extends way beyond the Green Apple Festival. Check out Earth Day Network's super convenient event finder to find listed events in your area. Also, take time to browse the site . They've got lots of helpful information and tools to help you be green and make a difference.
Whatever you, make sure you get in on at least some of the fun, and have a very happy Earth Day!!

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