Rockin' Environmentalists and Happy Times

Hey! Did you make it to your local Green Apple Festival? Hope you did! Naturally, they were a massive success. I was very impressed by the turnout in DC- plus I absolutely LOVED the green-themed duds everyone was sporting. Check out the shoes!
I was also glad to see such great messages going out. Speakers such as Matthew Modine (first photo) and Representative Edward Markey (below) got the crowd riled up about environmental causes- and with the Capitol in the background, everything felt that much more poignant.
Finally, the live performers rocked everyone's socks off! What's not to like about free live performances- especially when the Flaming Lips play and Wayne Coyne crowd surfs in his bubble?
From backstage, I could see a really spirited crowd- not just your typical concert-goers, but activists! Take this for proof: they even cleaned up debris from the concert after it ended! Now that's the kind of Earth Day mindset we should really be proud of.
If you're not already in on the fun, be sure to do some green stuff this week! Earth Day Network's helpful event finder can guide you if you want some ideas. Click here to check it out.
And have a happy Earth Day this Wednesday!

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