Happy Arbor Day!

You've gotta love April. It's just packed with fabulous envirodays!
Do you take part in the Arbor Day tree-planting tradition? It's certainly not a new one. Nebraskan journalist J. Sterling Norton first promoted Arbor Day back in 1872, and before long, its popularity spread like a brilliant green wildfire through the states.
Today, Arbor Day is easier than ever to celebrate. Local governments frequently support residents' tree planting activities. Take MillionTreesNYC for example- in New York City, tree planters are given $20 off tree purchases, and presented with lots of free citywide tree-planting events in an effort to plant one million trees.
There are lots of online resources for our tree-planting needs. Arborday.org , for example, has educational resources , celebration ideas , gift trees , and even nifty e-cards for you to pick from.
I'm getting pretty excited about it all. Tree planting is awesome! Lately, I've been hearing about people giving out trees as gifts and wedding favors. It's the coolest thing! Yeah, trees are great for the environment, but they're also wonderful symbolic gifts. Forget trinkets that people throw away- trees grow, provide shade, and can spruce up any landscape.
I hope you have a really lovely Arbor Day. Try to get out and plant some trees, and whatever you do, have a fantastic weekend!

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