Easy to be Green: Meatless Monday

What are you eating today? Over the years, this question has become increasingly loaded as it has become clear what a huge impact our dietary habits have on the planet. Many people have responded by taking an activist approach to their diets by going vegetarian, vegan, all local, or non-GMO. For some, such large (and often difficult) measures can seem a big first step, but making a difference through eating habits is still possible with minimal effort.
Take Meatless Mondays for example. In association with the John Hopkins School of Public Health, Meatless Mondays urges Americans to skip meat one day out of the week in an effort to improve national health. As their video (above) shares, there are several additional reasons to cut back on meat, including ones pertaining to the environment and natural resources. Hoping to make a difference, many people are adopting the Meatless Monday habit, including the influential food writer Michael Pollen.
I'm just glad to see that people are advocating moderate ways of making a difference. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by the issues facing the world, I end up not doing anything! Thankfully, little details can make a big difference, and it's all about taking that first step. So before you make yourself dinner tonight, or take out the trash, or shower, just take a second to think. Perhaps you can make a little adjustment that will have a big impact!

[Meatless Monday via TreeHugger ]

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