Easy to be Green: Telecommuting

Remember the days where we actually had to go places to do things? Hahaa, neither do I. Seriously though, thanks to the Internet and various other convenient technologies, it's easier than ever to do everything from home.

Many people are telecommuting these days, but we're not just working remotely- think about leisure time! These days, instead of trekking out to the video store, we can just Netflix movies- or even better, get them streaming online. We can even get our education online, and with cool sites like Academic Earth , we can listen in on fascinating lectures by professors at America's top universities without moving an inch- or even being admitted! Seriously- here's one of their lectures with MIT Professor Walter Lewin discussing measurements of space and time . Nifty!

Telecommuting technology gives us loads of convenience, plus it's great for the environment. Easier remote access means fewer cars out on the road, which is excellent news indeed!

With this in mind, here are my three favorite telecommuting resources. They can save you time and energy, plus lower your carbon footprint!
  1. Google Docs - Got lots of group projects and meetings? Google Docs can save a lot of face time. By giving you the ability to create, share, and edit documents with others online. You can even view a presentation together and chat at the same time. Sweet!
  2. Academic Earth - This resource was created with the goal of giving everyone on earth access to a world-class education. With lectures by professors at Harvard, Yale, and MIT on all sorts of fascinating subjects, this is one educational (and entertaining) resource you can't ignore!
  3. Skype or Google Talk - There is something to be said for face-to-face conversations. Luckily, you can handle that online too.

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