Boho's Must Summer Pack List

Summer is here! Time to enjoy a nice picnic outside! What is on boho's must-pack list?

* Chalkydoodlespicnic blanket (large reversible picnic blanketmade from upcycled fabrics!)

* Pam Zoniusbeach umbrella (renewable and sustainable bamboo framed umbrella with a transparent canopy that blocks 99% of UVA-UVB harmful rays!)

* Soleo Organics sunscreen (an all-natural,organically produced sunscreen that is free of any chemical uvabsorbers, titanium dioxide or synthetic preservatives!

* Wish-it “Bugs Away” candle (naturally scented eco-friendly soy Citronella candle)

* Tovolo’s Steady Sticks Wine holder (100 percent bamboo and folds flat for travel and storage!

* SnackTAXIbag (easily cleanable, reusable bag that can eliminate about 1,000 plastic bags over its lifetime!)

What would you add? Let us know!


  1. The Boho Chic Ballon Bag from REVEAL eco handbags - so chic:

  2. Awesome list!!! Love the reusable packs.

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