Beauty is Within the Lens of the Beholder

For the past four years Christina Dickson has been the artist behind the camera to catch those perfect moments of sacred emotion with one simple click. While creative wedding photography paid the bills, it was her desire to make a difference that inspired the start of Revolution Media Project. In 2007 Dickson brought together photographers, videographers, and writers to shine light on the ignored elements of society. From street kids in Portland to pregnant teens to impoverished communities in Africa, Rev Media uses multimedia to, in Ms. Dickson’s words, “rescue the beauty.” Beyond highlighting complex human issues, Rev Media, wants to provide relief, and give artists the means to give back.

How You Can Help
Buy a Photo
Visit the gallery of Ms. Dickson’s images from her first trip to India. All proceeds go to RevMedia’s next project there.

Reach Out, Give Back
“It takes a lot of being willing to give yourself and your time. It’s an incredible starting point.”

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