Something old, something new.

Vintage buys are not the only way to be an eco-conscious fashionista... There are tons of chic styles that have been created using recycled, re-purposed and restyled materials! Dotted Loop is a jewelry design company that uses vintage items and other recycled metals to create one of a kind necklaces.

The Andean Collection offers another great example of recycled and restyled glam. The company and the products they create are environmentally and socially conscious. The jewelry that they create is made from natural materials, so the pieces are 100% sustainable! The Andean Collection practices fair-trade principles and provides a "path out of poverty for their skilled artisans."

To see other reused, recycled and restyles pieces and companies, pick up the fall 2009 Boho issue!

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Every positive action today is a step toward a better, greener world for tomorrow.

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