Not Just Another Tee

Yay Fashion Week! I love the excitement, new designs, blossoming trends, enthusiastic buzz... it's like a big ice cream sundae of aesthetics and innovation. Mmmm.

One can also expect a number of cool duds to result from the exercise, of course. One such article of clothing is "Not Just Another Tee." As of today this limited edition designer tee by fashion icon Miguel Ardrover has become available at select Whole Foods markets nationwide. Hessnatur is behind the launch, which is intended reflect how clothing can be environmentally and socially responsible while still being stylish, accessible, and (at only $20) very affordable. A portion of the proceeds go to hessnatur's Schoarship Program, so the shirt even does its part to eradicate poverty through education. Not bad, eh?

Anyhoo, enjoy Fashion Week! If you're in New York, lucky you!!! If you're elsewhere, like me... hit up those blogs!!!


  1. yeah!!! i just found the Boho Mag blog! i just subscribed to the mag and got my first issue in the mail yesterday! SO excited about the magazine!!! and no i'm happy to find and follow the blog!

  2. Absolutely adorable! I will head out to Whole Foods to find it tomorrow.