Change is Fabulous

[photo by Steven Smith]

It seems as though everyone I know is experiencing massive change in their lives. I'm constantly hearing about new jobs, cross-country moves, graduation, retirement... it strikes me as rather insane that so much is happening all at once, though I suppose that change is the one thing we can depend on, right?

Here's my issue though: change is so stressful! So uncomfortable! So uncertain! And so much work!!! Ooooh, it makes me furious- or at least it did.

Just recently, I went backpacking with a bunch of friends, and at first I dreaded the trip- resented it even. We were to be wilderness camping, and had to drive way out into the mountains, then load all of our gear into canoes and paddle to an island in the middle of a lake. It seemed like so much work for a trip that was only to last two nights, and I wasn't exactly thrilled about abandoning my internet connection and pillow top mattress for some wild place that I had never even seen. Nevertheless, we went, and when we got there I realized that it really was worth all the effort. For the fist time in ages, I could go rock climbing, paddling, and stargazing, and it struck me that I had really missed being outdoors.

Out on that lake, I learned that it really pays to accept change, not just because it's inevitable, but because we really need it. So often, we get stuck in narrow ruts, focusing on limited, highly specialized activities, and completely ignoring the greater world around us. We also tend to forget about simple but essential elements that have been sidelined by our current careers and obsessions, like friends, family, relaxation, and nature. Now that I've embraced change, I have an easier time putting things in perspective, and I am more aware of what really matters to me. Yes, change is tough, but it makes us deeper, wiser, and stronger.

So if you're like everyone else I know and are also seeing your fair share of change, don't fret. It may be uncomfortable at times, but you'll end up so much the better!


  1. I think that sometimes change (or the ability to change) is the one control we have over a situation. Believe it or not, change (or the thought of it) can be quite comforting.

  2. You know, I'm starting to realize that you're quite right!