Today, I present to you an inexpensive, versatile, and beautiful adornment: the ribbon!
One of my favorite accessories of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries is the simple ribbon choker. They are showcased in countless paintings and fashion prints, and their simplicity
and elegance never fails to flatter the neck.

Ribbon chokers are quite versatile- there's the option to wear the bow in front, on the side, or at the back; one can go with thick, embellished ribbons, or simple small ones, and one can even dress up a simple thin ribbon with a bauble borrowed from another chain.

The brilliance of it all is that it's incredibly easy to make your own choker (or any sort of ribbon necklace o
r bracelet for that matter). All you need is a length of ribbon and a pair of scissors. Simply tie the ribbon around your neck and (if you did not pre-measure it) trim the ends off as desired. Make sure that you can easily untie the necklace with just one tug, and keep it fairly loose (you should be able to slide your thumb under it without feeling discomfort).

I hope my little rant has inspired you to get creative with ribbon- however you might choose. It's a
fantastically inexpensive way to spice up your style, and by using simple, biodegradable materials, you're doing the environment a favor as well.


  1. What a great idea! I have some pendants with chains, and a ribbon choker is an easy (and inexpensive) way to wear them. Brilliant!

  2. So cute idea! I love it!
    Boho Market

  3. We did that for our store photo-shoot, turned out super cute...I used satin hook & eye tape, Velvet Ric-rac... here's the link;) xo Amy