We Love: Farmer's Markets

Thanks to the conveniences of modern transportation, communication, and retail, we live very comfortable lives. Unfortunately, these conveniences also remove us from reality. Sometimes I spend so many hours sitting in front of a computer, eating packaged food, and researching abstract topics that I hardly feel human anymore!
Thankfully, I have methods for winning back my humanity- one of which involves trekking out to the local farmers' market.
There is so much to love about farmers' markets! The food is fresh, the people are friendly, and the prices are fantastic (especially considering the quality you get). What's more, buying local food and produce is great for the environment. Personally though, I adore farmers' markets because they are splendidly grounding. I love having the opportunity to shop in the open air instead of inside some climate controlled cave, and it's incredibly comforting to see a real connection between the food I eat and the people and places they come from. Maybe one of the biggest problems with today's environmental crises is that we forget about our connection to the natural world. Thanks to cars, complicated supply chains, and the Internet, it's all too easy to do so.
Fortunately, it is also extremely easy to rebuild that connection. All it takes is a little thought, and farmers' markets provide just that (plus that DELICIOUS food. Mmmmm). Websites such as LocalHarvest.org and FarmersMarket.com make it super easy to find nearby markets, and there are many additional directories, such as Fruitstands.com, which provide market listings on both national and local levels. If you don't frequent your local market already, I strongly encourage you to plan a visit. Nothing beats fresh air, fresh food, and a fresh connection with the beautiful world that's all around us!

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