Less is More

Thanks to today's ridiculous economic environment, people are starting to see less as more, and I couldn't be happier!
As a lifetime advocate of all things cute and environmentally friendly, I'm always looking for smaller alternatives- smaller plates, smaller cars, and smaller houses. Now more than ever, these things are in vogue!
Take Jay Shafer's Tumbleweed Houses for example. Jay has been living in adorable, petite houses for 12 years now, and all the while he's been designing similar homes for people across the country.

While I know most of us aren't ready to live in spaces that small, I do think that Americans will start scaling down their possessions. After all, less costs less. Beyond that, I feel that when we have less space to fill (and therefore fewer things to fill it with) we start to appreciate the things we do have.
Perhaps the economic downturn is a good thing after all. It may leave us greener and more contented than we were before!

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