Vintage Shopping

Vintage clothing is the creme de la creme of sustainable wear. Getting started in the fascinating art of thrifting can be a bit daunting though. Thank goodness there's help.
Stephanie over at Eco Chick has written a fabulous article making it easy for anyone to rock that thrift store wardrobe!

In her post, Stephanie points readers in the direction of the Wardrobe Remix Flikr Pool and for inspiration, encourages streamlining of one's existing wardrobe, advises planning using, and offers a good number of other nifty tips.
Definitely check out the post before your next clothing run!



  1. I'm a big fan of shopping vintage and thrift stores. The colors and textures are so interesting, and the items are often made better than things we find for higher prices at "new" stores. Please continue endorsing and supporting this green habit!

  2. I have a thrift store shopping blog: I believe that thrift shopping is the ultimate in recycling. Follow my adventures in thrift store shopping!

    Patty Doscher