With all the current buzz and panic over economic downturns, job loss, and stimulus packages, we can't help but turn our sights to those innovative enough work through today's problems and start generating solutions.
As the environmentally-savvy have known all along, the green energy industry may be the very thing that gets our country out of this mess, and coming out this Friday is an awesome movie about just that.

Fuel is an Oscar-nominated, 2008 Sundance Audience Award winning documentary that takes a careful look at our current dependence on oil and what it's going to take to make the transition to sustainable energy possible. From the looks of it, this movie offers just the right proportion of hard-hitting reality, inspiring innovation, and sparkling star power (Julia Roberts, Richard Branson, Willie Nelson, and Sheryl Crow, amongst others, make an appearance). We can't wait to see it! Ah, and it's just in time for Valentine's day. Dinner and a documentary, anyone?

Check out this picture of FUEL producer Rebecca Harrell and Director Josh Tickell. It's a little blurry, but love the green.
Another fun thing about the film: its executive producer is John Paul DeJoria, the CEO and Co-Founder of Paul Mitchell and Owner of Patron Spirits. “The Fuel film is a great example of just exactly how alternative energy makes sense” says DeJoria, and we can't help but break into a triumphant smile. After all, here's even more evidence of how fashion and environmentalism go hand-in-hand!

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